Proposals from "Business for Plovdiv" for the City of Plovdiv

Proposals from "Business for Plovdiv" for the City of Plovdiv

With the establishment of “Business for Plovdiv”, the members set out the objective to create a favorable environment for generating proposals in order to support the positive development of Plovdiv, to improve the business climate and to make the city a better place to live.

On July 10, 2018, the ‘Business for Plovdiv’ Association sent three concrete proposals to Plovdiv Municipality – proposals which were discussed at the second working meeting with the mayor of the city Ivan Totev at the end of June:


They are, as follows:


  1. Suspension of the train connection “Central Station – Filipovo Station”;
  2. Improving the taxi services in the city;
  3. Construction of a crossroad section at the junction of “6th September” Blvd. and “Vasil Aprilov” and a subsequent re-opening of “Mladejka” street;


The members of “Business for Plovdiv” are ready to assist the municipal administrations in talks with the management of the train services, the owners of the taxi companies in the city and all the organizations on which the solution of these problems depends.


The transport comfort of the citizens and the guests of Plovdiv is important to all of us!