The position of "Business for Plovdiv" on the controversial "Plovdiv Airport" case

The position of "Business for Plovdiv" on the controversial "Plovdiv Airport" case

The members of “Business for Plovdiv” have accepted for their main cause the transformation of the city into a better place for life and business. In this regard, we are interested in the development of Plovdiv Airport.

It is well known that the Ministry of Transport had announced an auction for an airport concession. The Chinese company that won the bidding has officially dropped out, and according to the ‘Concessions and Auction Terms’ Act, a second-place consortium between ‘Trakia Economic Zone’ and ‘PIMK’ had to be invited to sign a contract.

This, however, did not happen and in the meantime the documents for the auction of the airport are removed from the website of the Ministry of Transport (instead of them complying with the legal provisions and procedures).

At a session of the Municipal Council of Plovdiv on August 2 of this year a surprising proposition was brought by the Mayor, which has not passed through the councils’ commissions first.

This sudden rush to pass the proposition (which is for ownership of the airport by Plovdiv Municipality), hints at an external pressure for a solution that will most likely serve economic interests unclear to the public.

This decision lacks economic justification and logic. It is not clear how the development of the airport will be financed with the available municipal budget.

“Business for Plovdiv” considers the rushed actions of the municipal leadership with regards to Plovdiv Airport as unreasonable and dangerous for the city. We call on the Ministry of Transport to comply with the regulations and legal provisions it has created, and the supreme institutions to exercise their control functions in a timely and efficient manner. We call on the Plovdiv City Council to reconsider its decision for Plovdiv Airport in the interest of the town’s prosperity.