The position of "Business for Plovdiv" on the "Plovdiv Customs" case

The position of "Business for Plovdiv" on the "Plovdiv Customs" case
On September 21, 2018, “Business for Plovdiv” sent its opinion on the idea of relocating Customs – Plovdiv in Stara Zagora to the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Mr. Boyko Borisov, to the Chairwoman of the Budget and Finance Committee – Mrs. Menda Stoyanova – and to the Minister of Finance – Mr. Vladislav Goranov.
All members of “Business for Plovdiv” have accepted for their cause the transformation of the city into a better place for life and business. In relation to that, they were surprised to learn about the idea of relocating Plovdiv Customs in Stara Zagora – a proposal without economic logic.
Plovdiv is a natural center of the South Central Region with the best developed economy. Many foreign and Bulgarian investors have developed their own products in Plovdiv and the region, relying on adequate customs services in a timely manner. The eventual relocation of customs in Stara Zagora means deception and disappointment for the investors who will objectively encounter huge problems in this direction. 
“Business for Plovdiv” assesses the idea of shifting customs to another city as unreasonable, unjustified and detrimental to the development of Plovdiv and the South Central Region and calls for such decision not to be taken.
Gabriel Iva /September, 2018/