“Intercomplex” Ltd. is established in 1990 as a fully private company. The company has been successfully developing its activities, creating a network of regional offices, directed to a wide range of customers and partners: energy distribution companies, investors, enterprises, wholesale and retail dealers. “Intercomplex” Ltd. is a trusted and sought-after business partner that has proved its correctness for offering high quality products and services to its customers.


The main aim of the company policy of “Intercomplex” Ltd. is to deliver continuously high quality products and services. We offer the complete range of medium and low voltage electrical equipment and appliances, complete engineering solutions in medium and low voltage electrical “turn-key” projects in conformity with the applicable international and national standards, technical and other normative requirements. The professionalism, responsibility and trust define “Intercomplex” Ltd. as a trusted and sought after business partner, that has proved its correctness for offering high quality products and services.


Complete engineering solutions in low, medium and high voltage electrical “turn-key” projects:

  • Project and complete construction of substations and transformer stations, electrical supply and equipment for hotels, trade and administrative buildings;
  • Construction of medium and low voltage current transportation networks, etc.;
  • Start-engineering works, lighting, power and signaling electrical installations.


  • Engineering, consulting and service activity;
  • Automation and management of production processes, lines and appliances.

Production and trade with medium and low voltage electrical equipment, machines and appliances:

  • Import, delivery and distribution of power and measuring transformers, switch disconnectors, insulators, industrial relays, contactors, circuit breakers, cables and conductors, independent supply systems, power generators, measuring devices and electrical equipment, personal protection devices, electrical installation and other electro technical products;
  • Production of boards for automation and management of technological and production processes, lines and appliances;
  • Production of medium and low voltage polyester boards and cabinets.


All partners, with whom we have business relations in the field of power engineering, installation, communications and energy distribution, are of high importance to us. That is why the company disposes of high technological appliances and a reliable technical base and above 110 highly qualified specialists and staff. Our team of ambitious and highly qualified personnel provides adequate complete solutions and product information for delivery of electrical equipment, specialized servicing and competent consultation. The company disposes of a modern warehouse, which gives an opportunity for a dynamic response to the high requirements of our customers and the market. “Intercomplex” Ltd. guarantees the high quality of the offered products and services, promptness and precision in the fulfillment of the orders. The company provides for its activities own production and warehouse bases in Plovdiv, Sofia and Septemvri, as well as the necessary transport devices for performing deliveries to the destinations, required by the customers.


“Intercomplex” Ltd. has an established and functioning Integrated Management System according the requirements of the following standards:

  • EN ISO 9001:2008 – for quality management. Date of initial certification: 06.10.2003. The strict following of the requirements of the system is a premise for the delivery of high quality products and services to our partners and customers.
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – for healthy and safe labour conditions. This way we supervise, control and improve the conditions for performing the labour process in the company.
  • EN ISO 14001:2004 – for environmental protection. The established system for preservation of the environment is an expression of the active position and engagement of “Intercomplex” Ltd. in this direction.


Our partners for many years have been companies from the production, energy and communication sector, investors, small and medium-sized enterprises, and trade companies. The correctness and trust are a basis for choosing “Intercomplex” Ltd. as a trusted and sought-after supplier and executor of structural projects and contracts with a number of leading companies, among which are the following: “NEK” EAD , “ЕLECTRICITY SYSTEM OPERATOR” EAD, “KREMIKOVTZI” JSC., “BOURGASGAS” EAD, “LUKOIL NEFTOCHIM BOURGAS” JSC., “AURUBIS BULGARIA” JSC., “ASAREL MEDET” JSC., MINI “MARITZA IZTOK”, KAUFLAND BULGARIA, CARREFOUR BULGARIA JSC., SIENIT HOLDING JSC., the energy distribution companies in Bulgaria EVN, CEZ, EON and many others.

“Intercomplex” Ltd. has been registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders for constructions of III-rd group – from I-st to III-rd category, V-th group and is a regular member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. The company is a regular member of the Bulgarian Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (BASSEL).