The University Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Obstetrics and Gynecology “Selena” OOD – Plovdiv was registered with a decision of the Plovdiv Regional Court in 2006 and was subsequently re-registered with Council of Ministers Decision № 228 of 26.04.2017. The hospital gets the status of University Hospital.

The medical establishment is housed in a newly built building, consisting of two buildings with a total area of 6353 sq.m. The buildings are luxurious and meet as construction, equipment and conditions for medical activities to the most modern requirements. Embedded advanced central heating and ventilation technologies are extremely efficient and energy-saving. Departments meet all the requirements of accepted medical standards on which the hospital operates. Patients and staff have created comfortable working conditions. 100% medical equipment is newly purchased.

A large number of private and state and municipal multiprofile and specialized hospitals are operating on the territory of the district. There is an extremely strong competitive environment. Regardless of the high competition, for the short duration of its existence – since 2006, due to the excellent conditions and the high quality of the medical activities carried out, the health care institution has permanently and steadily occupied its place on the market of health services in the region. Economic and medical indicators are stable. It is remarkable that more than 70% of the proceeds are paid by the paid patients.

The hospital mainly serves the population of the city of Plovdiv and the district – about 650 000 people, but the patients are constantly increasing from other regions of the country. The medical institution is the only hospital in the area and is ahead of the Birth of the University Hospital “St. Georgi” – Plovdiv. Over 75% of the operations are laparoscopic, the equipment is extremely high.
All types of gynecological manipulations and operations, both abdominal and endoscopic (diagnostic and surgical endoscopy), as well as all manipulations associated with convalescence problems are conducted in the hospital.

All diagnostic tests and manipulations related to the explanation of the reasons for not having a pregnancy, as well as everything necessary for the elimination of these causes (endoscopic operations, open abdominal surgery, sculptures) are performed.

The hospital has an in-vitro assisted reproduction center that offers all the modern methods of infertility treatment. The hospital is one of the leading in the country and has the most up-to-date equipment in the area of Assisted Reproduction.

These factors, important for the diagnosis and healing activity, attract patients not only from the region but also from southern Bulgaria, and turn the medical institution into a significant center of GD in this part of the country. One third of the patients in recent years were from other areas outside of Plovdiv.

For the previous year 2016, we have 1,700 births, of which 70% cesarean and 30% normal. All births are with epidural or spinal anesthesia.

More than 800 in vitro procedures have been performed. The modern operating and “In-vitro” laboratory and Seminological Laboratory are equipped with the most modern equipment and tools, as well as the high qualification of the staff, create the opportunity to maintain and develop a competitive gynecological unit. Over the past three years, over 1,600 major operations per year have been made.

In 2017 the hospital works on 28 clinical paths under a contract with NHIF, 1 clinical procedure and 1 ambulatory procedure.

The key objective of the medical establishment is to expand the market share of the offered health services by maximizing the already approved activities and seeking ways to expand the less profitable ones. An important development emphasis is on modern medicine and the highest possible quality, corresponding to the condition and needs of patients.