About Us

The non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV” was established by an Decision №225 of June 6th, 2017 of the District Court in Plovdiv.

Subject of activity of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV”

Subject of activity of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV”: carrying into effect liaisons and cooperation between its members and the state institutions and the municipalities, located in the Plovdiv Region; supporting the municipal services by passing expert opinions on significant topics concerning the development of Plovdiv and of the administrative district as well; organizing initiatives (working meetings and discussions) in support of the town and country planning, architectural and economic development; preparing and presenting to the competent authorities projects and opinions on legal acts; developing methods to improve the organization of the municipal administration; popularizing Plovdiv and the Plovdiv Region as a favourable economic zone for investments and a preferred cultural and historical destination for tourism; involving specialists and experts to settle economic issues, related to the prosperity of the Plovdiv Region.

Objectives of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV”

Objectives of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV”: to defend its members’ rights and legal interests; to develop the intellectual and cultural life in Plovdiv and to strengthen the good name of the enterprising and educated Plovdiv citizens; to encourage dialogue between the business representatives, individual investors, experts and non-governmental organizations on the one hand, and the municipal and regional administrative units on the other hand; to undertake and carry out initiatives, attracting national and foreign investments to the Plovdiv Region; to support the public activity of the non-governmental organizations and the Plovdiv citizens and the sense of initiative of the Plovdiv Municipality to improve the living standards; to gauge public opinion regarding the activity of the municipal administration and the services of the local state-run bodies and to provide information to the citizens and the business about ongoing problems; to contribute by improving the administrative services to citizens and legal persons by the state-run institutions, municipalities, public organizations and legal persons, endowed with powers of providing administrative services; to participate fully and effectively in the process of drawing up development programs and strategies of Plovdiv and the municipalities in the Plovdiv Region; to unify and promote its members’ efforts regulating the professional ethics in the field of entrepreneurship and investments in the Plovdiv Region and not to allow disloyal competition.

Means of achievement of the objectives

Means of achievement of the objectives: organizing and carrying out events, concerned with achieving the Association’s objectives; defending its members’ and all entrepreneurs’ interests towards both municipal and state-run bodies and the legislative and executive authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria; participating in developing of investment projects of local, regional and national concern; organizing charitable initiatives and reviving the proactive Plovdiv citizen’s traditional philanthropy.

Authorities of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV”

The supreme body of the non-profit association “THE BUSINESS FOR PLOVDIV” is the General Meeting (GM). General Meeting shall be called at least twice a year. The management body of the Association is the Governing Council (GC). The Governing Council consists of 11 (eleven) persons – members of the Association and shall be elected by the General Meeting for a period of 3 (three) years up to a total of not more than two consecutive terms.

The Governing Council consists of the following Associations’ members:
  • “АRCHCENTER-A” LTD., represented by Todor Iliev Abadzhiev
  • “АТАRО CLIMA” LTD., represented by Atanas Hristov Rogachev
  • “D AND V CONSULT” LTD., represented by Svetozar Vassilev Vassilev
  • “INTERCOMPLEX” LTD., represented by Iliya Blagoev Dinkov
  • “МАXCOM” LTD., represented by Maxim Mitkov Mitkov
  • “NOVIZ” JSC, represented by Lubozar Ivanov Fratev
  • “PIMK HOLDING GROUP” JSC, represented by Iliyan Kostadinov Philipov
  • “PROFILINK” LTD., represented by Zdravko Todorov Linkin
  • “HMC” JSC, represented by Kiril Dimitrov Vassilev
  • “HUS” LTD., represented by Alexander Hristov Assenov
Chairman of the Governing Council is Mr. Atanas Rogachev.
CEO is Mr. Alexander Staykov.