"Business for Plovdiv" with new proposals to the Plovdiv Municipality

"Business for Plovdiv" with new proposals to the Plovdiv Municipality

The transport comfort and relieving of traffic in Plovdiv are problems that the members of “Business for Plovdiv” have discussed repeatedly at meetings with the mayor of Plovdiv, Ivan Totev, as well during a public discussion in the beginning of October, 2018.

In relation to this, on October 25 “Business for Plovdiv” sent two letters to the Municipality of Plovdiv with these concrete proposals:

  • Change in the mode of operation of 19 city junctions – proposal conforming to the Road Traffic Act and one which would facilitate transport traffic;
  • Having public transport lines on the “ring road” of Plovdiv in order to serve the many employees in the enterprises in this region;

The members of “Business for Plovdiv” are ready to assist the municipal administration in the negotiationa with the bus drivers’ managers and to participate in the Interdepartmental Transport Committee, which meets every month.

Convenient public transport and increasing the capacity of the road infrastructure – two important causes around which the companies, members of the association, are joining and who will improve the quality of life in Plovdiv.