NGO "Business for Plovdiv" part of a global network of business Elite

The chairman of the NGO “Business for Plovdiv” –  Eng. Atanas Rogahev and members of the Association met with representatives of the Supreme Council of “Strategic coalition of European Business Associations”  /SCEB /  .  The economic and educational progress of European citizens is a key objective of the strategic coalition. The general objectives of the two organizations are a good basis for future partnership – said Eng. Rogachev at the opening of the meeting.

This is the first presentation of the global goals of the SCEB to the Plovdiv business. ” The activity and good reputation of the “Business for Plovdiv” makes it our natural partner ” – said Nikolay Bozilov – President of the SCEB for Bulgaria.

In just one year- 2019 – SCEB    opened national councils in Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece. In the next two years  lies ahead the opening of new offices in other major capitals of Europe.

SCEB operates in two main directions –  b2b and b2G.

In each country there are 20 regional groups from different areas of economic activity, where the business leaders, leading experts, consultants are involved. Councils create a White paper that assesses the sector and presents the analysis to the institutions. Through the white paper the business gives feedback to the lawmakers, the regulators, the executive. “We do not criticize, we give decisions”-stressed in the presentation Mehmed Sumeroglu – President of THE SCEB.

“Europe of the regions’’ is a priority posed by the European Commission for the next programming period. The development of a network for the exchange of knowledge and business is an important direction in the work of the NGO Business for Plovdiv.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria –  Romania  with specific interest, requested by Romanian companies.