“Archcenter-A” Ltd is part of the BAUZENTRUM Trademark Holding Company. It specializes mainly in the manufacturing of finished construction products as well as finishing construction and installation works, turnkey solutions, interior and design ideas.

Main activities:

1. Projecting and design with ARCHCENTER-A Ltd

2. Construction and assembly works, engineering and building systems under the brand name BAU SYSTEM

3. Wholesale and retail trade with building systems, construction components and materials under the brand BAUZENTRUM

Structure and infrastructure:

“Archcenter-A” Ltd owns three building materials stores in the country under the trademark BAUZENTRUM. The stores are located in Sofia, Plovdiv and Bоurgas with a total surface area of 9000m2. The company has also several showrooms under the brand name PORTA DOORS. The Group of General Partnership with representative rights includes: KNAUF, BAUMIT, WEBER, CAPAROL, MAPEI, ROFIX, ECOPHON, PORTA DOORS, SAINT GOBAIN and others.

“If asked to describe our company in one word, I would say “genuine”. Both our everyday work with clients and partners as well as our business approach to competitors are guided by this company core value. We undestand the importance of moral values and ethics for growing our strong and competitive business. That is why we make no compromises in terms of quality of the work we do. Everything else is negotiable except quality.

We have a strong faith in humanity, in human talents, strength and skills. By undertaking different construction projects, we aim to achieve sustainable harmony in our relationships with people along with lifelong cooperation founded on trust and respect. These beliefs form the basis of our business philosophy. The important is what you do, not what you say. There are things that just catch our breath: like a beautiful design.

You should always live beautifully.”

Company’s director:
Arh. Todor Abadjiev